Contact Centers Face Big Data Challenge to Deliver Great Customer Experience

Altitude Releases E-book On How Big Data Can Improve Customer Experience

Contact Centers worldwide are facing the challenge of turning big data into a valuable resource to increase customer engagement. A recent survey by ICMI (1) found over 40% of respondents planning to increase the use of customer preferences and interactions data in the short term to improve customer service strategy and operations.
Even though big data is a goldmine of customer information for companies, most part of them are still struggling about what to do with it. The challenge they need to overcome is to turn big data into a valuable resource. A successful analysis of Big Data can bring valuable insights into customer behavior, enable companies to anticipate trends, and improve customer experience.
Altitude now has published a new e-book: “How Can Big Data Improve Customer Experience?”, a primer on how big data strategies and solutions can impact contact center metrics, empower agents and help to understand customers, ultimately leading to an increased capability to design the customer journey.
“The digital world we live in makes available a significant amount of data at the individual costumer level. The wide availability of this data is empowering companies to achieve a singular, unique view of their customers regardless of the touch point” remarks David Romero, Chief Marketing Officer at Altitude. “An integrated Big Data approach gives companies a holistic data view to better profit from the knowledge derived from customer interactions. A single view of each customer enables companies to provide a truly cohesive customer experience and a more efficient use of resources for decision making.”
The data available at contact centers already translates into metrics such as hold time, rates of abandoned and transferred interactions, costs per call, conversion rates, and more. But the big amounts of data available can be better used to measure and analyze performance with impact on business outcomes and customer loyalty. And the contact center is the department, by excellence, that can gather the knowledge to empower companies to make improvements in all steps of the customer journey.
 You can click here to download our e-book

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