Altitude Challenges Contact Center Staff Creativity

How was your day? Altitude Software launches contest and celebrates life in contact centers worldwide

A recent forecast (1) estimates the number of agent positions worldwide will grow by 2% annually through to 2019. The contact center outsourcing market itself grew at 5% in 2014 to reach US$70-75 billion, representing 20 to 25% of an estimated (2) total global contact center spend of US$300 to $350 billion.
Several industry and analyst estimates put contact center seats somewhere between 25 and 30 million worldwide. How many of these agents are among Instagram’s 400 million monthly active users (3) is anyone’s guess but these are the ones now being challenged by Altitude Software, a global provider of omnichannel solutions to deliver great customer experiences, to show their creativity and win prizes in an Instagram photo contest about their daily lives.
Have contact center job, will travel.
The initiative is directed to contact center staff around the world and the challenge is easy: contestants have to post a photo about the best part of their workday tagging #MyCCDayAltitude and @altitudesoftware. There are two travel gift cards to win: one for the photo with more likes on Instagram and another for the photo voted by Altitude Software staff.
“Hundreds of thousands of agents use our solutions in 80 countries worldwide to provide customer service, help desks, emergency services, public services, telemarketing, debt recovery etc. to millions.” states David Romero, Chief Marketing Officer at Altitude. “This fun initiative aims at knowing a little better this reality and contribute to build a community of what is a very diverse group of people but that have quite a few things in common by way of their daily work at contact centers”.
In the Instagram photo contest “How Was Your Day?” Altitude expects to receive from contact center staff around the world, innovative and creative photos of teams, workspaces and favorite views, pets, events, whatever inspires agents in their daily life at work.
Our Instagram page can be consulted here and the contest terms and conditions here.
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