Are Your Agents Ready For The Omnichannel World?

Altitude Reports on the Six Skills of Omnichannel Contact Center Agents

There is a continued, but dramatic, change going on in contact centers worldwide. Over 50% of organizations will soon be managing a multichannel contact center, featuring at least eight different forms of contact methods (1). 
How are contact centers to maintain integration levels and provide excellent, consistent service across these many, very different, channels? Part of the answer is to train and deploy a new breed of contact center agents. Agents that master the skills to handle cross-channel interactions while at the same time making each customer feel unique. 
Altitude now has published a new white paper: “The Six Skills of Omnichannel Contact Center Agents” that outlines the critical skills of a new generation of agents. These include the ability to use omnichannel information to personalize the interaction; Extensive expertise on the product or service and exceptional analytical and communication skills. 
“For as long as the concept of customer experience exists there have never been such a variety of ways for agents to engage with customers. As the new technologies integrate in customer experience processes, customers demand that companies support more channels to deliver the optimum customer experience” remarks David Romero, Chief Marketing Officer at Altitude. “But with so many available channels and such higher customer expectations how can companies respond? The digital era customer service is no more about patience and smiles. Agents now have to deal with increasingly knowledgeable, tech savvy customers on an ever increasing number of channels.” 
In its Annual Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report (2) Microsoft remarks that consumers now use, on average, at least four different channels when interacting with a brand for customer-related issues. Channel preference is also changing based on the customer’s perceived value for time spent or channel convenience. 
You can click here to download our white paper or, for a quick takeaway, check our “Six Skills” infographic.

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