14 diciembre 2015

Altitude Goes Behind the Scenes at Santa Claus’ Workshop

“The Miracle in Santa Claus’ Workshop” EBook and Video Show the Small Miracles That Happen so That Everybody Gets the Right Presents

Altitude Software, a global provider of omnichannel solutions to deliver great customer experiences, has released “The Miracle in Santa Claus’ Workshop”, a short Christmas Tale video and ebook that goes behind the scenes to reveal the small miracles that happen for people to get the right present at the right time.
“It seems like quite a miracle how every year we manage to get each child the present they desire most. Of course part of it is magic” stated Santa Claus. “But most of it is about management skills, having a great team of elves and the right technology.”
Now Altitude is releasing a short Christmas tale video and ebook that goes behind the scenes to reveal how Santa receives the present wishes from all over the world through a variety of channels. It explains the role of the Unified Elves Desktop and how the Naughty or Nice List is made. It also unveils the latest addition to Santa´s technological arsenal: the Chimney to Chimney application, which guides Santa on Christmas Eve
Click here to watch and download “The Miracle in Santa Claus’ Workshop” and learn about Santa’s Present Wish Workflow.