11 marzo 2015

Barbados | Call Center Paradise!

Barbados is the most successful small nation in the world. It's a sovereign island country with a parliamentary democracy located in the Eastern Caribbean. Barbados became independent from the UK in 1966 and the island is located outside of the principle Atlantic hurricane belt.
Why consider Barbados for your call center business activities? In addition to the natural beauty of the country, Barbados is a stable government with a well-developed common law system, a very reliable telecommunications infrastructure, and a service-oriented, English speaking workforce. These features add to the natural beauty and appeal of the island as a cost-efficient location for call center activities.
The capital city of Barbados is Bridgetown. It's also the largest city on the island and has one of the highest standards of living and literacy rates in the world. Barbados boasts the 4th highest literacy level of all nations (98+%). Bridgetown serves as the principle center of commercial activity, as well as a central hub for the island's public transportation system. Many of the ministries and departments of the island's government are located within Bridgetown.
When looking at locations for placing their call center activities, US-based companies often have 4 major considerations - 1. Technology, 2. Human Resources, 3. Cost, and 4. Country Risk. As a near shore location, Barbados scores extremely well on all fronts!
1. Technology - Barbados has reliable broadband networks and redundant carrier service which lead to a solid infrastructure for domestic and international connectivity. There's a massive amount of redundancy which reduces risk, and Barbados has higher access speeds than most other countries in the world. Barbados, being a former British colony, has a very robust infrastructure for power, roads, airports, real estate, restaurants, etc.
2. Human Resources - Barbados has a very well defined service culture, due mainly to its significant tourism business. This comes through with the Barbadians that work in the call center environment as well. They are highly skilled at sales, service, care, collections, retention, and care activities, and typically score extremely high in customer satisfaction surveys. English is the native language of Barbados and the agents there excel in both written and verbal English skills. Attrition is very low and loyalty is very high due to the culture of the agents as well as the very low contact center saturation rates.
3. Cost - Cost for services is highly comparable to off-shore locations, such as the Philippines, due to low labor costs, low attrition, and a very favorable business environment on the island. Economic incentives also contribute to a very cost efficient environment for call center activities in Barbados.
4. Country Risk - Barbados is a very safe environment. Crime rates are the lowest in the Eastern Caribbean region. Currency is indexed to the US dollar at a rate of 1 USD to 2 BBD. Also, due to its location as the eastern-most of the Caribbean islands, Barbados is outside of the principle hurricane belt. With a strong British heritage, Barbados has a stable environment - politically, economically, socially, and from a business risk perspective.
With clients today demanding exceptional customer service, multi-channel support, and 24/7 availability, at low costs, finding the right business partner in the right near shore location is a critical decision. Barbados has the right environment and offers optimal service delivery capabilities for the contact center industry. And, the beaches are pretty fabulous, too!
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